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Cityneon: Best Exhibition Booth Design Contractor Services

International Exhibition Booth Contractor

A well-reputed, international exhibition contractor, Cityneon Prima Mandiri is a team of experienced and goal-oriented professionals supported by high-tech infrastructure. We are ready to assist and work with you in achieving your objectives at any trade exhibitions you are joining.


Creative & Design Ability

Our aim is to deliver the best in creativity and quality design workmanship with originality. Exclusivity is also one of our distinct essentials if required by our customers.

Exhibition Construction Services

We are able to plan and build a broad spectrum of high-tech displays for high class, professional companies. We examine all viable possibilities in order to satisfy your unique needs for professional originality with our personal touch of distinction.


The technical ability of our creative personnel in coordination with all of our other departments brings you a proficient and professional and reliable working team.

Special Services

From our Special Services unit, we are prepared to help you in planning and implementing audio visual presentations, building and showing the latest model and design works mechanism displays.

Technology & Infrastructure

Supported by over 300 skilled employees, highly trustworthy a compact and dependable working team, Cityneon Prima Mandiri is independent in exhibition construction activities. We are here for you 24/7 when needed and we’ll have our contact center and liaison officer ready at your service.

Creative and Design Ability

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Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran Blok C4 Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Phone  : ( 62-21 ) 6414630
Fax      : ( 62-21 ) 6414600
E-mail   : cityneon@cityneon.co.id
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