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Selasa, 02 Juni 2015 - 09:38:59 WIB
Where is the best location for your exhibition stand?
Where’s the best location for your exhibition stand?If you want to get the most form your exhibition stand then you need to choose the right location and layout. Get a floor plan If possible, it is a good idea to gather any previous years’ floor plans for the exhibition according to exhibition design. You can then identify patterns, such as certain industries grouping ... More

Senin, 27 April 2015 - 05:05:42 WIB
How to Design an Office Interior
How to Design an Office Interior A modern office should offer decor and amenities that encourage employees to be more productive. A metal desk, filing cabinets and a wastebasket do little to add to efficiency. Because, variations in light, color, and texture offer relief from the monotony of basic office design. Design should include comfortable work zones and furniture that's adapted to the use ... More

Senin, 20 April 2015 - 09:06:26 WIB
Facts About Interior Design
Facts About Interior Design Design interior combines furniture, fabrics, colors, textures and styles that are carefully selected to craft a specific look in your home and in each individual room. The same room can look completely different with each combination to satisfy the tastes of the room's occupants, and to provide the most functionality for their lifestyle. Structural Design There are ... More

Senin, 23 Maret 2015 - 05:43:24 WIB
A Few Tips on Modern Home Interior Design
A Few Tips on Modern Home Interior Design Interior design services has become popular since the last decade. This is mainly because of the simple and clean designs which allow maintenance to be a lot easier than the other kinds of designs. It is always difficult to describe the interior designing services. This is because this type of design encompasses a wide range of incarnations. In simplest ... More

Selasa, 17 Maret 2015 - 07:59:31 WIB
3 Reasons to Consider Custom Exhibit Designs for Your Business
Custom exhibits can be exceptionally creative designs that showcase products or services, while also raising brand awareness. Typically used in trade shows to promote and market an organization, custom exhibits should be eye-catching to attract the attention of potential customers through hundreds of other exhibitors. Investing in a quality custom exhibit built specifically for your company is ... More

Selasa, 03 Maret 2015 - 07:02:00 WIB
Unique Ways to Make Your Exhibition Successful
If you want to make your presence felt in the market, then promotion is the best alternative that you can avail. However, deciding the platform for such promotion matters for the success of your endeavor. An experienced exhibition stand contractor can be the best resort for you for organizing you exhibition. It is always a good idea to go for stand builders who can provide customized exhibition ... More

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