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Senin, 19 Oktober 2015 - 04:57:25 WIB
Important aspects of the Booth exhibition in an Exhibition
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Important aspects of the Booth exhibition in an Exhibition

When you participate in an exhibition event, you will have a space or a special room to set up an exhibition booth to booth displaying various products to attract visitors to the exhibition. Following on from the booth design Indonesia will share a few tips on some of the aspects that may be worth your attention:


  • Customers and clients or pegunjung event exhibition stand booth you will come to see the products and services you have. They will see, observe and touch the items on display in the booth to booth building. If the stand using lower quality materials, the image of your company to be in a big gamble. Therefore, make sure your choice exhibition contractors have been using your budget to the maximum.
  • Use the best materials or materials. For now, the use of acrylic, plastic and steel and bright LED light is the best choice for your exhibition booth. Using the best materials is one of the most expedient ways to minimize the risks resulting from poor quality materials.


  • Booth exhibition should give the image of a magnificent and elegant. Physical appearance plays an important role exhibition booth to win the hearts of potential customers who come and see the exhibition. Look professional and smart with a very positive image will attract visitors to see your stand. Attract potential customers also require an adjustment to the market you are addressing. Use logos and colors that reflect the personality and culture of the company. Color stand will also represent the company's presence and you can use it as an affirmation of character brand (brand) and promotion program at the same time.


  • The majority of the exhibition stand can not be dismantled to be stored to be used again. in addition, the cost of making a stand is not cheap and each event exhibition booth design will likely require new and different from the previous. Seek advice from a professional exhibition contractor to help you deal with this problem. There is no harm in asking for booth design can be re-used which will eventually save the budget establishment to the next booth. You can reuse the parts stand still saved for the next exhibition. Plan well with exhibition contractors or professional exhibition bureau to establish or designing the stand design is best for your company.

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