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Senin, 12 Oktober 2015 - 04:02:13 WIB
How To Join the International Trade Show For Free
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How to join the international trade show for free

Many people believe that following the international exhibition / trade show overseas cost a lot of money and can only be followed by companies that are already established. I think its not right,

trade show overseas should be followed by the perpetrators of Small and Medium Enterprises (turnover ≤ Rp 50 billion / year) in an attempt to penetrate the international market through cooperation with various agencies that have programs and funding to support the growth of the business, such as: Ministry of Commerce ; Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; RI Representatives abroad (Embassy, Consulate, and KRI); Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Indonesia; Jakarta Cooperative, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Trade Provincial Government; and the Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to SMEs to contact the parties mentioned above and get the most out of the cast abroad, there are some things that need to be done, namely:

  1. 1. Prepare a competitive product
  • Ready to penetrate the international market also means being ready to compete with similar products on the market destination, therefore businesses need to find as much information as possible before deciding to enter their products to other countries.
  • Based on experience, some employers who participate in exhibitions in other countries apparently just cashed PD (Confidence) so that when the exhibition, no one is sure who are interested in their products.
  1. 2. Determining the right type of exhibits

There are several types of international trade shows to keep in mind include:

  • a. Based on the types of products (livestock, food, electronics, building materials, etc.).
  • b. By objectives (Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumers).
  1. 3. Learning the trade procedure destination country
  • Procedures trade between one country to another is different because each country has its own characteristics. Indonesia itself has many agreements, both bilateral and regional trade with other countries that provide facilities / incentives for businesses. This is what needs to be studied in advance in order to know the cost and benefit of a product in the country of destination.
  1. 4. Preparing travel documents
  • Completeness of travel documents both for personal and goods carried, absolutely must be shared by all businesses that want to participate in exhibitions abroad.

After all the preparation is done, then start contacting the appropriate agencies mentioned above through official letter explaining interest to the exhibition destination and asking for information about what facilities are obtained, of course, accompanied by complete documents such as company profile, TIN, etc. ,

Some of the facilities can be obtained free of charge by the businesses in the following international trade fairs include the following: round-trip tickets; Accommodation and local transport; Shipping costs showpiece; The cost of publication of the mass media; Exhibition space rental; Local consumption; Stall design; even the City Tour. You could say that all free-tis, businesses just prepare the product with all the promotional tools and a lot of prayer in order to succeed.

Still not confident?

Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia abroad have the diplomats reliable routinely conduct economic studies and market analysis as well as a network / access business actors and officials authorized where they are assigned, therefore, if businesses want to know the condition The local market, a general overview of business competition, bureaucracy, etc., then you need to do is just ask for such information to the representatives of Indonesian Economic Affairs Officer in the country.

Incredible, is not it? All costs are free, are in addition to support analysis of Indonesian diplomats without having to pay expensive consultants to determine the condition of the target market. So, what are you waiting? Let us sell national products in other countries.

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